How To Use

Prep: Make sure skin is clean, dry and free of any creams or serums to ensure best results.

Apply: For first time use, gently remove plastic film and position patches on your brow, neck and around the mouth or eyes. Wear while sleeping, or for a few hours during the day. For long-lasting results, use Skinclearr Patches as part of your everyday routine.

Reuse: Remove patch by holding skin taut with one hand while gently removing the patch with the other. Rinse the patch with water when needed to clean and restore adhesion. When not in use, place the patch adhesive-side down on the shield and store inside the resealable pouch between uses. With proper care, patch will last up to 10 uses.


Consider using Brow Lifter for 2-3 hours, rather than 6-8 hours if you have oily skin to avoid temporary skin indentations from an accumulation of moisture.

For Eye Lifter patches, start removal from top of the patch near the brow bone while keeping skin taut with the other hand, then tap along the skin with one of your fingers, pushing adhesive away until patch is fully removed.

Going to a big event? Use the patches as a primer to get skin plump and makeup-ready. It only takes about 2 hours to see results.